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Houseplants Poisonous To Cats

Houseplants Poisonous To Cats 

Cat lovers and plant lovers, listen up! We run down a list of popular houseplants poisonous to cats.

What Plants are Toxic to Cats?

House Plants Poisonous To Cats
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Here is a list of plants toxic to cats:

Alocasia: irritant / sickness if eaten. 

Aloe Vera: Aloes are a really common houseplant but toxic to cats. 

Bird Of Paradise: mildly toxic, especially if it flowers and cats eat the seeds. 

Caladium: irritant / sickness if eaten. 

Dieffenbachia: these are becoming much popular these days. If you have a cat that eats plants this will be an irritant to them, so keep them out the way.

Dracaena: sickness if eaten. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig: sickness if eaten. 

Ivy: Vomiting / diarrhea if eaten. 

Jade Plant: These are really popular plants but if eaten can cause sickness  vomiting in cats. 

Monstera: these beauties can cause vomiting and sickness if eaten.

Peace Lilies: cause vomiting if eaten 

Philodendron: toxic if eaten

Pothos: yes pothos is poisons to casts and it can be an irritant, and cause vomiting

Rubber Plant: they have a sap that can cause irritation. This is an irritant to us humans too! But plenty of cat lovers keep rubber plants as cats seem to avoid them. Keep them out of the way.

Scindapsus: this is an irritant to cats if they eat it, it can cause sickness too. 

Snake Plant: toxic if eaten. It can cause sickness and diarrhea

Yucca: sickness (see also: Yucca Plant Care).

Always consult your vet for more info as these lists are not exhaustive.

What Houseplants Are Safe For Cats?

House Plants Safe For Cats
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These plants are safe for a home shared with cats:

Bamboo – a great plant for partitioning open spaces, is cat friendly 

Echeveria – this popular flower shaped succulent is non-toxic to cats. 

Boston Fern (and Maidenhair Fern) – ferns are great colour and will be welcome in a house you share with cats. 

Burro’s Tail – a lot of succulents, including the burro┬┤s tail a great for a cat-friendly home. 

Calathea – good news – the increasingly popular calatheas look awesome and are non-toxic to cats. 

Kentia Palm –  these architecturally pleasing palms are popular with cat lovers as are also non-toxic. 

Maranta / Prayer plants – one of my favourites, a colourful patterned beauty are ok for cats.

Pileas – are another great plant that your cats can live with. 

Spider Plant – a really easy to propagate houseplant staple, also non-toxic. 


A lot of plants are surprisingly toxic to cats, but there are still plenty of possibilities to fill your cat-friendly home with houseplants. It is always worth checking before you buy a new plant and if in any doubt always ask your vet. 

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