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Grow A Mango From Seed

Welcome to our guide on how to grow a mango from seed, you can use a mango you bought in the shops to start your own plant off. This is a fun project to do with your kids at the weekend.

How To Grow A Mango From Seed:

Follow these steps to germinate and grow a mango from a seed:

  • Slice the mango and take out the seed (it is surrounded in a husk, covered in mango fruit you can take the whole thing out.
  • Then open the husk very carefully with a knife to get to the seed inside.
  • Take the seed out and clean it with a wet cloth, it might have some clear skin on it which you can remove.
  • Put the seed in some wet tissue or kitchen paper and put it in a plastic bag.
  • Put it in a warm place for 3 weeks and it should root. Not all seeds will work you may need to try again with another mango if this one does not root.
  • Once it has a good root you can plant it up in a pot in potting compost. You should pot it about 2 or 3 cms deep (an inch), I plant the seed on it’s flat side as it is not always easy to tell which way it up.
  • Water it and wait! It should produce growth within the next few weeks.

Grow A Mango From Seed – Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll run down some frequently asked questions about growing mango seeds….

How Long Does It Take For A Mango Tree To Fruit?

A new mango seedling can take a long time to fruit, two to five years before producing fruit.

Can Mangoes Be Grown Indoors?

Mango trees can be grown in doors ornamentally, they like warm and bright spaces. Do not let them get cold in winter.

Do You Need 2 Mango Trees To Produce Fruit?

Some mango trees can fruit on their own, most have both genders of flowering parts needed to produce fruit, but some do not.

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