Dieffenbachia Propagation

Dieffenbachia Propagation

To Propagate a Dieffenbachia:

A dieffenbachia can be easily propagated with stem/node cuttings in water and soil, or by using division, or even air layering.


Welcome to our guide on how to propagate Diffenbachia aka Dumb Cane. They can be propagated easily by taking sections of the stem and putting them in soil or water.

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Dumb Cane Propagation From Stem Cutting

To take cuttings from a dieffenbachia, take the top section of the stem and cut off the top 10cm or 5 inches of it with the leaves at the top. Then put it in a glass jar of water to root. You can alternatively put it in soil directly to root. I prefer water so you can see the root growth.

You can then take the rest of the stem and cut it in to 2 or 3 inch (6 or 7 cm) sections, and put these in water or soil. They can be ‘naked’ sections of the stem with no leaves on and they should still root. Make sure you put them in the water/soil the same way up they were on the mother plant.

After a few weeks, up to 2 months, you can pot the stems cuttings from the water up into soil when they have a healthy root system established.

How To Split A Dieffenbachia At The Roots

You can divide dieffenbachia, you need to take the plant out of it’s pot and then separate at least one stem from the rest of the pot by hand, making sure to take some roots with it and take care not damage the plant any more that necessary. You can then pot the new plant up separately and you have a new plant which is already rooted, making this the quickest propagation method for these plants.

Dieffenbachia Air Layering

You can air layer your dieffenbachia, which is the process of making a cut on the stem to encourage the plant to grow roots there, then once the roots are grown you can remove the cutting from the plant. Find a node on the stem where you want to cut the plant (this will be the base of the new plant), and using a sterilized knife, take the outer layer of the bark off the plant, to reveal the inner stem for about a cm above and below and including the node. Then you get some wet sphagnum moss and pack it around the exposed area to cover it in the wet moss, this will encourage roots to grow. Then cover the moss in plastic wrap and gently tie it on. Once a week open it up and mist it to keep it moist and then reseal. In a month and half to two months the node should have a healthy root bass around it, and you can then cut through the stem below it to give you separate, already rooted, plant to pot up in soil

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