Aloe Vera Propagation
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Aloe Vera Propagation

How To Propagate Aloe Vera, Summary:

Aloe vera propagation is very easy, you just need to remove the plant from it’s pot and remove the pups as carefully as possible, before potting them up separately, we’ll go into detail below.


Welcome to our guide to aloe vera propagation. Aloe veras are very common and they grow babies or ‘pups’ quickly once the main plant is fully grown in it’s container. Aloe vera propagation is relatively easy and basically involves removing these pups and potting them up separately.

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How To Propagate Aloe Pups

To propagate an aloe vera in soil:

  • Get the equipment you will need: soil and containers for the new plants, and your aloe vera plant with some smaller offsets around it (‘pups’).
  • Take the plant out of it’s pot and remove the pups gently by hand. Make sure that each pup has at least some roots and some leaves. You may need to use a knife, but you should be able to do it by hand, just be careful not to damage the plant.
  • Brush the soil from the pups and leave them in a warm and dry place for 3 or 4 days, so that any damage caused from separation callouses over. This is important, as if they are planted immediately the open wounds are much more susceptible to rot.
  • After 3 or 4 days plant the pups up in their own containers, and plant the main plant back in it’s pot.

Aloe Vera Propagation In Water

You can propagate aloes in water. You need to remove a pup. It does not necessarily have to have roots, but you want to include the base of the plant at least. Then you need to wash the soil from it, as in water this can lead to rotting. The plant then needs to be let to callous over for a few days so that and damaged areas are sealed. Then you can place the aloe is a jar of water and wait for the root to develop.

Propagating in water can work well, but for best results remove the pups with some root and pot up in soil once calloused over.

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Aloe Vera Propagation From Leaf

You can propagate aloes from leaf cuttings, take the cutting and let is callous over for 3 or 4 days, before potting them up in soil. Make sure they are the same way up they were on the plant or they will not root.

Aloe Vera Propagation In Water

You can put a whole aloe vera in water and they will grow, but be careful about rot. When propagating an aloe it is better to separate the pup out and plant them in soil as using water often lead to rot with these fleshy succulent plants.

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