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5 Low Light Plants


So, what plants do very well in low light? We run down some of our favorite plants that look good and grow well in low light areas of your home.

In general there are a few issues with low light plants but they can often be overcome. They tend to they flower less and sometimes become ‘leggy’ due to slow growth in lower light areas as they get less energy. Both of these issues can be remedied easily by having a two plants of the the same type, one in a brighter part of your home, and one darker, and then changing them round when you water them so they both get some light.

Snake plant

Yes, the snake plant can do well in almost any light condition. In fact they tend to do best the less you care for them. Pictured below is the moonlight variety which is one of my all time faves.

For more on snake plants see our guides to Snake Plant Care, Propagation of Snake Plants, our snake plant category page, can snake plants live outside?.

Low Light Plants - Snake Plant

English Ivy

A popular but stunning trailing plant that is really easy to grow. The English Ivy will do well in low light areas of your home, it looks great trailing down from a book shelf. For more on Ivy see our article English Ivy Care.

English Ivy

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can do just fine in low light areas, but they may flower less without decent indirect sunlight, they will still grow well. You can always get more than one plant and keep one in a brighter area of you home, and then swap them occasionally so they get good access to light as we mentioned earlier.

See also Peace Lily Care and Peace Lily Propagation.

Peace Lily Low Light


Pothos will grow well in low light areas of your home. If it has variegation like the golden pothos it may become a bit darker. Again, you can always have more than one plant and move them around your home so they get light sometimes, especially as pothos can propagate very easily. Putting them in light for a bit will bring out their variegation.

For more on pothos see our guides Pothos Plant Care and Pothos Propagation.


Philodendron Brasil

The philodendron brasil is a great low light plant, it seems to thrive in all light areas of your home. They are super easy to maintain too, see our article Philodendron Brasil Care for more on it.

Philodendron Brasil Low Light

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