Gifts For Plant Lovers
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5 Gifts For Plant Lovers


Welcome to our list of 5 gifts for plant lovers…

What is a good gift for people that like plants? We run down the best accessories here that they may not have, from water misters through to books and plant stands. If anyone who knows me is reading this, this is a big hint: get me the brass spritzer please!

Haws Brass Smethwick Spritzer

We’ve all got that friend that is going round misting their plants with an old plastic spray bottle! Get them this classically designed brass mister, they come in a few different colours, and look amazing. Available here.

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Angus And Celeste Self Watering Pot

This pot is to die for to be honest, and you might just do that when you see the price! At time of writing they cost 178 Australian dollars (113 euros, 134 US dollars). It is a clay self watering plant pot from Australia based plant pot / tableware brand Angus and Celeste.

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The Wave Vase from Minimum Design who are based in France, is a great center piece for a table or sideboard, with it’s wavy patterned lines. They cost from 35 to 250 euros (43-305 USD) depending on size from their online shop.

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Book: Wild At Home by Hilton Carter

Take inspiration from this book by Hilton Carter on styling spaces in your home with plants. Available from most bookshops, support your local book store!

Zinc Plant Stands

These zinc plant stands from Graham and Green in the UK really stand out (pun intended!) in hammered zinc. You get two for 65 pounds (76 euros or 93 USD) from their webshop.

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