5 Flowering Indoor Plants


Welcome to our list of five flowering indoor plants that will bring color to you home throughout the year.

Red Lace Anthurium

I love my anthuriums, they can flower year round sometimes and provide a bright red splash of color to the living room. We wrote a guide on them here: Anthurium Care.

Flowering Indoor Plants - Anthurium

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllums are a brilliant white flowering plant, that really easy to come by and cheap too. They are great houseplants, more on them here: Peace Lily Care.

Flowering Indoor Plants - Peace Lily


Bromeliads can bloom year round and blooms last for months sometimes. They’re small plants and really pack a punch with their big and bright flowers.

Flowering Indoor Plants - Bromeliad


Orchids are absolutely phenomenal. No home should be without one! They flower for weeks on end, even 2 months. A good idea with them is to buy orchids when they are in flower, as they normally flower once a year and then you’ll know when they will bloom. Buy a few that bloom at different times of the year and you can have flowers almost year round.


Christmas Cactus

A beautiful succulent in it’s own right, but one that puts out pink or red blooms around the months of Christmas when you’re least expecting flowers. This is really popular for a reason, and its super easy to propagate and gift to friends. See our guide on Succulent Propagation for how to propagate these.

Christmas Cactus

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