5 Awesome Airplants

Introduction to Airplants

Airplants aka tillandsia are weird but beautiful little plants that a actually related to bromeliads. In their native habitat they grow on tree bark and not in soil. If you haven’t had one before they can seem a but too weird! But fear not they are great looking plants and easy to care for too.

Tillandsia Cacticola

The cacticola is a relatively rare airplant with long stems that curl outwards. You can really see from this airplant that it is a related to the bromeliad.

Awesome Airplants - Tillandsia Cacticola

Tillandsia Bergeri

The bergeri comes from Argentina originally and is known for the clumps it forms – multiple plants form into a mega-plant cloud that looks stunning.

Awesome Airplants - Tillandsia Bergeri

Tillandsia Ionantha

The ionantha is a popular airplant that has silvery gray leaves, and when mature they can flower with tubular purple and yellow blooms.

Awesome Airplants - Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsia Circinata

This cool elegant little airplant has really curly leaves and a powdery silvery color due to its very small hairs (trichomes).

Awesome Airplants - Tillandsia Circinata

Tillandsia Tectorum

The tectorum is a real show stopper with it’s furry trichomes that give it a fuzzy character. If you only get one airplant, get this one.

Awesome Airplants - Tillandsia Tectorum

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